8 Eye-catching Marketing Trends For Social Media in 2019

Digital marketing is crucial these days for businesses. The biggest digital marketing platform is social media. Everyone is there, and it gives you opportunities to get visibility on a global level. Whether big or small or a startup, being on social media is good for everyone. In 2019, it is not easy to stand out on social media, because everyone including other marketers is there too. So, you need to be on top of every Marketing Trends For Social Media and use the best one suited for you. This will help you get and engage more followers which in turn will get you more conversion.

Marketing Trends For Social Media

Here are 8 Marketing Trends For Social Media You need to Follow 

Instagram Trends

Trend 1: Instagram is overtaking Facebook

It provides access to a growing audience. Instagram is growing rapidly because it’s still a happy place. It is still a place where people just post photos instead of voicing their political opinions every day.

Another reason why companies chose Instagram for advertising is the low level of ad saturation here. Facebook has almost 5 million advertisers active, but Instagram doesn’t. So, advertisements would be more visible here.

instagram vs facebook

Instagram is just a visual platform so images need to attract viewers or no conversions will be there. Use good quality image, and photos with overlay text is a great option to attract people. Tools like Canva help you with that.

Trend 2: Use of original and branded images is a must

Since Instagram is gaining popularity within marketers, generic ads are growing too. The issue with this is that consumer wants something original, unique with a touch of intimacy. Stock photos doesn’t work anymore.

brand images

  • If you want more views and engagement, go for niche photos.
  • Design content that are relevant to the audience and matches their interest.
  • There are two approaches for image posting on Instagram. One is using quotes or images by other and designing it in a unique manner. This helps get more attention. Obviously, due credit to the owner is required.

The other approach is to focus more on content that provides information to the user. Don’t focus more in images that is about selling something.

Facebook trends

Trend 3: Messenger bots are a great marketing tool

Recently, Facebook paired brands and Messenger bots together. This pairing has been successful. Famous Brands like LEGO and Sephora lets the user contact them via bot. This way you can ask them any questions like “What LEGO should I buy” etc.

facebook bots

In the long run, these bots will be great for brands for building consumer relationships. This is because it has content that is informative, helpful and other answers for customer services problems.

With Facebook using bots, other platforms will start using them soon enough.

Trend 4: Virtual Reality on Facebook

Very soon Facebook will be using virtual reality technology. They already own Oculus which is a VR hardware and software firm. So, in 2019 this technology will be used here for better consumer experience. Spaces-  the outcome of Facebook and Oculus. It will use Facebook photos for creating custom avatars. This will be used by players to record their VR actives live and share them too. You can also video call friends on messenger.

facebook oculus

Marketing opportunities will soon start flooding for this VR tech. So, start making plans.

Trend 5: Facebook Groups for business are a great way to connect with consumers

Facebook’s latest algorithm prioritizes friends, live video and group posts. A lot of brands were disappointed because it meant losing followers.  But all the brands that already had Facebook group weren’t much affected.

Facebook Groups for business

A Facebook group comes in handy for making a connection with the consumer. It helps you get loyal followers that engage and help each other. It is the most organic tool for marketing on Facebook.

Trend 6: Invest in Instagram stories instead of evergreen content

Instagram stories can be anything- video, photos, gifs. You can also add filters, text, stickers, and a lot more are being developed.

instagram stories download

A consumer doesn’t have much time they want smaller content, which is why stories are great.

A video story has more engagement, so try to have that more for your product. Where to Invest in Online Advertising – Facebook Ads Vs Twitter

Trend 7: Practical or inspirational videos works better on Facebook Live

According to Buzzsumo, video content was highly shared on Facebook in 2017.  But it also requires a different kind of video content.

facebook live

A video whose content is more practical or heartwarming or inspiring gets more attention here.

Trend 8: Use Snapchat to target Generation Z

Generation Z is the category of people in their tween, teens and early 20s. This group has extremely high spending quality. If you want to attract this group for your product, you need to use SnapChat.

Now, this will only work if you use native advertising. This means great content and showing behind the scenes, day in a life type videos shared on a story. Traditional ads don’t work on this platform.

generation z social media statistics

To completely understand Snapchat marketing, you have to understand this: Snapchat is where you go when your target audience is Generation Z. Goldman Sachs study shows the importance of Gen Z for marketers.

Note: Twitter is one social media platform that has been trending down. The monthly active users on Twitter have dropped and continue to drop. The future of this platform hangs in balance.


All these emerging Marketing Trends For Social Media are pointing towards one thing. Users are pushing to get more positive online experience.

From Instagram to video, everyone wants to watch and post positive things. As a marketer who is looking to nail down the social media platform, keep this in mind. Whatever Marketing Trends For Social Media you follow, it must spread good vibes in the community. So, start changing your strategies today.


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