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Ludo King Online Game is for playing between friends, family & children. Recall your childhood! Ludo King may be a cross platform game that supports Desktop, humanoid and iOS platform at same time in on-line multiplayer mode. This game that traces its lineage to sixth century India. board game comes from game board game. board game is additionally terribly like Spanish parlor game Parchís. board game game has stayed widespread throughout the ages, varied solely a trifle in its game structure. This patient game is currently on the market for you to play in associate degree all new modernized format, i.e. as a computer game application.

Ludo King Online Game

The game is compete between two to four players and you have got the choice of taking part in the sport against the PC, against your friends, or perhaps against individuals from round the world. the target of the sport is pretty straightforward; every player gets four tokens, these tokens should create a full flip of the board so create it to the line.Whoever gets all four tokens to the top initial is that the winner. However, every move will solely be created supported the amount set by casting a six-sided die, and every token will solely move out of their home by casting a six.

Additionally, the competition issue of the games is upped by the actual fact that whereas moving if another player’s token lands on identical sq. as your token, then your token can mechanically be sent back home and you’ll have to be compelled to roll a six once more.
Ludo King may be a game that was compete by kings and currently it are often enjoyed by you and your family and friends. whereas the sport play might sound straightforward initially, the sport is vastly gratifying and difficult. You’ll be taking part in this one for hours and its fun for the entire family. try and beat your opponents and contend for the very best scores on the leader boards. Enjoy playing Clash Of Clans for PC

How to Install Ludo King Online Game on Mobile :


  1. Delete any previous version installed
  2. Download the Apk file on mobile.
  3. Install and run it.
  4. That’s it,Enjoy!


Steps to install Ludo King Online Game on PC

1. Download the Apk file on Pc.
2. Transfer Apk file from PC to your Android Phone (Via USB , Bluetooth , Wi-Fi).
3. Install and run it.
4. That’s it,Enjoy!


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