How to get fastest Google adsense approval 2017

Google Adsense is most popular and reliable ad network among all. Bloggers who are willing to earn from their blog or website cannot ignore google adsense. So many people working online for so many years and earning handsome amount of money every month through ad networks. Somehow google doesn’t approve every website or blog to provide ad services.In many cases it take months to get approved by Google adsense to show ads on the websites. But there are some ways we must know¬†how to get fastest adsense approval within 2 hours. Lets learn this in some easy steps.

Google likes websites with clear vision. Keep these some simple tips in mind before sending your website for approval.

1. write simple and clear posts around 300 to 500 words.

2. Do not post many large images on a single page. Google hates slow websites.

3. Get a simple theme for your website.

4. try not to over highlight your posts and sentences by adding colours in them.

4 Try to make structured posts an add tage in every will also help you to rank in google easily.

5. Strictly avoid using inappropiate things in your websites. Never use any kind or nudity in your posts or anywhere in your website.

6. Avoid Copy Paste: Do not copy from any other website and try to write in your own way. Although you can take reference from anywhere.

7. Always add pages like About us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions and privacy policy of your website.

8. Write around 10 to 15 articles before applying to google adsense.


How to get fastest adsense approval


How to get fastest adsense approval



Go to the Google Adsense .

Fill in all the details (try to use fresh email id every time you signing up).

You must mention your real address and mobile number.

Always use one mobile number per account.

After giving all the details, Google provides you a code which you need to paste it header section( <head> tag) of your website.

Click on confirmation after pasting ad code.

Thats all folks. I hope it will help you to learn How to get fastest adsense approval and your will definitely get your google adsense approval easily. Please give your views in comments section.


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