100% Working High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2018

Understand the Psychology Behind Blog Commenting. Blog commenting has not died if you do on a site having good traffic, and it adds value for the visitors who see your comment.

For example, you install a game from a site, but it gets an error. The site doesn’t tell any solution, but a person comments a link to the direct solution that is hosted on his site, the users will go to download.

Ofcource It helps in bringing traffic as well as ranking. For perfect blog commenting, your English skill must be good to impress the visitors.

Blog Commenting sites list 2018

It is natural that the link building is hard. But is the most critical factor for your website SEO. When it’s come to the SEO of your site, there are some practices and factors that any website owner should know. One of the best elements of search engine optimization is Do follow backlinks building as known as link juice.

If you are entirely sure and clear about the do follow and no-follow links, however, don’t worry just check the link to understand both. Dofollow and No-follow.

Some Thing About Do-Follow Backlinks.

There are two major types of backlinks. Do-follow and No-follow.

Do-follow backlinks are actually recommended by search engines to boost your website rankings and trust in search results.  While the other no-follow links only can give you decent traffic but don’t rank your website in search engines.

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is nowadays a link building tactic that has been around for the top best part of a
decade. Blog commenting is an excellent way to build similar links to your site but all most blog comments these days have a “no-follow” tag applied to them.

There are two types of blogs commenting on link building.  No 1 is do-follow Luv commenting blogs which allow you to enter your website links with your keywords. And the other type is no-follow
The no-follow tag doesn’t rank your site in search engines, but it is a great way to get decent referrals traffic.

First, I want to tell you that I am not a very big internet marketer or as a prominent SEO consultant.

But I still learn something new about, how blog commenting is has been supporting bloggers to rank their website higher in search results. According to my experience and knowledge blog commenting help many sites for their SEO rankings. For newbies, it is a little bit hard to find relevant and high-quality blog commenting blogs. So that’s why we bring a very impressive and 100% working collection 80+ blogs that allow do-follow comments.

Here are some tips to do right blog commenting:

  1. Read the Post You want to comment– Yes it is essential to read the post that helps you to make right comment according to the position. It will help the website owner to approval easily.
  2.  Your Name – always use your real name in the name box. Never use the keyword you’re trying to rank for (e.g., “Wordpress SEO”) as the name as it’ll almost always get caught by
    the spam detector and your excellent comment will end up in the trash box.
  3. Email – use your real email, not the fake one.
  4. Avatar Image– Don’t forget to set up your avatar pic to email to leave a good impression to the site owner.
  5. Website box – either use your website homepage or leave this box blank ( I suggest you include your link in the body of your actual comment section).
  6. Comment Section – this is the most important part: make sure it’s well thought-out
    And adds good value to the post. The most critical and valuable thought you put into this, the more decent referral traffic you’re likely to get.

Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List

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Newly updated blog commenting sites list 8/04/2018

We have updated this list for our commenters request. Hope everyone will like it.

First thank you so much, everyone, for your love and valuable comments.

Here is your new list.

Here is the new list do-follow commenting sites:

Because of users and readers request, we updated again this list with new great domains.

August 2018 list.

  1. https://www.bloggingdoor.com/2018/07/23/why-you-should-select-wordpress-as-your-blogging-platform/
  2. http://www.ginadewit.portfoliobox.me/guestbook
  3. http://www.abracadacraft.com/billet-de-blog/chemise-elsa-56553
  4. http://cs.starnet.ru/comment.php?comment.news.102
  5. http://blogs.findanyfloor.com/consumer/Carpet/ShawAnsoNylonOneToughCarpet.xhtml
  6. http://www.dziennik.com/blog/artykul/anioki-mitta
  7. http://www.connectionnewspapers.com/photos/
  8. http://cms.pro.boxoffice.com/articles/
  9. http://warezhero.com/wwwwarezherocom-malayalammovies/7852-abrahaminte-santhathikal-2018-malayalam-1080p-tcrip-x264-mp3-mtr.html
  10. http://artmight.com/Artists/Hughes-Arthur-Foord/xyz45444-189775p.html
  11. https://www.healthcareinsides.com/1000-calorie-diet-plan/


Old List.

  1. http://www.logicalspiritualism.com/Default.aspx?action=list-view&id=25
  2. http://www.kidsdesk.net/index.php/health/69-fitness-ideas-for-kids-who-hate-team-sports
  3. http://www.laprensalibre.cr/Noticias/detalle/60812/peces-betta-y-su-alimentacion/page:2?q=%2FNoticias%2Fdetalle%2F60812%2Fpeces-betta-y-su-alimentacion
  4. https://www.lastdaysministries.org/Articles/1000008566/Last_Days_Ministries/LDM/Discipleship_Teachings/Winkie_Pratney/Knowing_Gods_Will.aspx
  5. http://www.cpbj.com/article/20160729/INSIGHTS/160729791/dont-overthink-how-to-measure-roi-in-advertising
  6. http://www.whatsonxiamen.com/ent7918.html
  7. http://www.remotecentral.com/video/159/part_12_pro_control.html
  8. http://indiatogether.org/articles/environment-ministry-bends-backwards-to-whitelist-illicit-projects-environment
  9. http://www.newreleasetoday.com/artistdetail.php?artist_id=199
  10. http://ticamericas.net/reg/a/eco-reto-2014/compostate
  11. http://www.isri.org/about-isri/chapters/southeast-chapter/images/default-source/southeast-chapter/dsc_0030#.Whau39KWbIU
  12. http://www.sd.csu.ru/node/40619
  13. http://www.abracadacraft.com/billet-de-blog/basic-three-56789
  14. http://www.netherlandsfoundation.org.nz/blog/dutch-connection-museum/?commentStart=2520
  15. http://www.ttmitchellconsulting.com/Mitchblog/the-year-of-lost-confidence-introspection-and-retrospection/



Old List of 11/28/2017.

  1. http://workplacesavings.org.nz/mary-holm-double-your-money-and-then-some/
  2. http://www.dsr.wa.gov.au/news-and-events/news/news-articles/2014/06/20/finalists-showcase-the-best-in-sport-and-recreation
  3. http://gahi.ntua.edu.tw/alumnispace/viewtopic.php?CID=4&Topic_ID=114&no=1155&print=friendly&Order=&y=2016&m=06&d=1
  4. http://cuddlebugz.zenfolio.com/guestbook.html
  5. http://ressources.pluxml.org/demo/006/?article1/article-de-demonstration/
  6. http://www.runmuzik.fr/annonces/recherche-manager-2452.html
  7. https://www.amz.de/waschen-und-tanken-auf-knopfdruck/150/1727/99188
  8. http://intermediae.es/project/huertamatadero/blog/como_seria_una_huerta_en_matadero
  9. http://www.offhand.ca/index.php?mmp&name=20050427_Salus_tragedy
  10. http://siskiyou.com/technical-support/press-releases/news-and-events/2016/06/15/oem-integration-of-the-
  11. ixf1.0i-published-in-laser-focus-world
  12. http://www.kingbrownmag.com/blog/blog/2013/06/11/greetings_from_luke_pelletier/
  13. http://www.neca-neis.org/code-question-of-the-day/code-question/cqd-8-5-2016
  14. http://www.textypisnicek.cz/bears/you-can-buy-friends/
  15. http://hogberga.se/en/gallery/images/default-source/galleri/konferens/tommy-eriksson-4
  16. http://chriseastwood.ca/blog/2012-2-5/cave-cyclops-spider-and-cockroach
  17. http://ticamericas.net/reg/a/eco-challenge-2013/noti-verde-tu-noticiero-ambiental
  18. http://www.artitude.eu/art-shop.php?p=artista&id_art=152693
  19. http://paperwritingbiz.zohosites.com/blogs/post/What-You-Should-Know-about-Online-Paper-Writing-Services/
  20. http://www.genero.cucsh.udg.mx/content/espiral?page=54
  21. http://warofdragons.dmax.de/forum/index.php?page=UserGuestbook&userID=54933&pageNo=6907


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