When you plan to start a blog and make money online, probably you will land on any of the WordPress web hosting services. Oh, there are so many web hosting services are available. Well, finding the right one might be a tricky job – especially if you are a complete beginner.

What is hosting and how to choose the best one for your web project?

The web hosting is the service that offers users of the Internet a system to store up their information, images, or any content accessible by means of the web.  No matter where you are on your journey to make a site, you have to be familiar with that it is possible to save intelligently today! These are just some of the many features that make Greengeeks a pioneer of cheap and premium hosting.

Well, we took all the pain and did the job for you! In this post, we are going to show you the best web hosting and WordPress hosting company you can rely on – the GreenGeeks.

greengeeks review

In this post, we are going to share the GreenGeeks web hosting review for you!

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review 2019!

Are you satisfied with your current web hosting? If you are not, it is time to move on! We highly recommend you GreenGeeks web hosting for our users. Why are you waiting?

Types of web hosting platforms offer by Greengeeks.

  1. Web Hosting

The Web hosting accounts are for an owner and come with a cPanel. You can host unlimited domains in this type of plan, to do this simply add the additional domains in the “Add domains” section of your cPanel. Resale is not allowed in web hosting plans.

greengeeks web hosting review

Features of Web Hosting

  • Professional Email Hosting: All web hosting plans include email services to ensure you have a reliable way to communicate with your customers and visitors. The powerful delivery of SMTP in the cloud eliminates any possibility of blacklisting and guarantees a reliable and trouble-free e-mail delivery.
  • Unlimited websites: Unlimited practice with infinite possibilities. Premium and Business web hosting plans will allow you to host as many domain names as you need while having separate content in each one. All this comes with a web hosting package. A plan to govern them all!
  • Live support 24/7/365: Did you get stuck somewhere? Without worries. A dedicated and super helpful customer service team will be there day and night in case you need help. No matter what problem you are in, our agents will be there to improve it.
  1. Reseller accounts

Reseller accounts are much cheaper than dedicated servers, and in terms of functionality, they are found between individual plans and dedicated servers. With them, you can host multiple domains and websites in a single account. This is a good option for companies that have several websites.

greengeeks reviews

It is intended for owners who wish to resell hosting and act as a hosting company. Depending on the reseller plan you choose, you can have multiple cPanel accounts. In a hosting reseller account, you can configure each domain name so that it has its own cPanel.

The additional benefits of a reseller hosting account are:

  • Ability to have several IP addresses or multiple SSL certificates, this is clear with an additional charge.
  • Ability to control DNS zones.
  • Marketing control panel (WHM)

Now that you know the main differences of these web hosting services, or need more information you can visit Greengeeks page and find out about the benefits of web hosting and reseller hosting plans.

Greengeeks offers web hosting services, domain registration, SSL certificates, email, web design and graphic design.

  1. WordPress Hosting

Greengeeks are specialists in Word Press Hosting, hire one of WordPress plans and you will get the maximum speed, maximum security, with preventive layers to avoid attacks on your WordPress, with free premium templates and plug-in, free WordPress courses and all our help for any question you have about your WordPress. We also have a utility in Plesk called WordPress toolkit, which allows you to clone, update your WordPress automatically (core, plug-in, themes), and access your Word Press without keys in a simple way.

greengeeks wordpress hosting


Perhaps one of the most important advantages of WordPress is that you do not need to know any code. A convenient control panel with many add-ons and themes will allow you to create a fully functional website without much hassle! WordPress also allows you to create attractive URLs and optimize SEO so that search engines give you outstanding results!


No matter what plan you desire to bring to the site, WordPress has you covered. From simple blogs to e-commerce stores, WordPress can handle everything. It also prides itself on having one of the largest online communities, which means you can always find a solution no matter how difficult it is.

Templates and accessories

WordPress has a wide variety of accessories to choose from according to your needs. From the creation of contact forms to the optimization of speed, you will find that WordPress offers everything. It also has a lot of free themes to select from, all of which you can modify and change to your liking.


The right web hosting provider moves to the back of your website works consistently with little downtime and adapts flexibly to your needs as your business expands. We hope this article has given you an idea of what to look for and what to consider so that you can find a host that puts your website first and creates a perfect experience for your company and your visitors.

Sign up for a GreenGeeks account and start building your website!



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