Why GreenGeeks is the Best Eco-Friendly Hosting

GreenGeeks is a company dedicated to web hosting since 2008 owned by Trey Gardner, and currently works in more than 150 countries giving space to more than 300,000 websites worldwide. Just enter your page and you are inspired good vibes. They are close and clear when it comes to transmitting information, and that is very important nowadays.

This hosting offer very complete hosting plans at an appropriate price, so it is an interesting hosting option to consider.


If something highlights GreenGeeks about their competition in terms of web hosting is that they are the most ecological (what is known as clean hosting or going green). They tell us that if we continue to do so until now, in 2020 the servers of all the hosting companies will pollute more than all the aeroplanes! Really these amazing data give you to think, and if you can help the cause without having to lose the quality of service for it, much better!

It is not only a web hosting environment friendly that returns to the grid 3 times more energy than we consume, in the form of renewable energy, but among its powerful features, has a platform with high quality standards, with servers equipped with the most efficient Intel power processors, used for web hosting of WordPress sites, among other CMS, where you can find security, speed and stability. GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review 2019

Advantages of hosting with GreenGeeks

  • In shared hosting they only have 1 plan (Eco Site Starter), so you will not have any doubts about which one to choose.
  • They produce 3 times more energy than they consume!
  • They give you the registration of the domain.
  • You have 30 days to think about if it was a good idea and you get the money back if you’re not happy with them.
  • Customer service by the company is 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • They have contact via chat (for me it is the most comfortable).
  • They give you a pack of tools for marketing and SEO.
  • Uptime of 99.9% (nowadays it is not a fact that surprises us, but if in a company they do not guarantee it, I would look for another one).
  • The price already includes backup copies.
  • They use a Control Panel based on cPanel. This is already going to taste, but I’m used to it and if they change it they make a mess for me.
  • All its servers work with clean and 100% renewable energy.
  • They have servers in the USA (Chicago and Phoenix) and Canada (Toronto).
  • Soon they will also have a datacenter in Amsterdam, Holland.

If you are looking for green servers with green plans, GreenGeeks sure has a plan for you! This company has specialized not only in achieving customer satisfaction and offer a variety of plans, but also in promoting the idea of each website on the Internet to be hosted by a web hosting company using green energy.

These guys have put a real effort into minimizing the damaging effects of the hosting business and have gone a step further by investing a lot in wind power to offset the use of grid power.

greengeeks review

Plans by GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks offers a lot of packages and plans that can meet the needs of each client. Plans include standard shared hosting, WordPress, Reseller, VPS and dedicated servers.

The shared web hosting Packages gives you the options of having unlimited disk space and hosting unlimited domains.

Even the cheapest package ($ 2.95 / month) includes:

  •  Free domain name
  •  Free Website creator
  •  Free SSL certificate
  •  Unlimited storage SSD
  •  Free daily backups
  •  Free CDN (Cloud Flare)
  •  WordPress and 250 free script
  •  SSH access

The company also frees the migration of another provider’s website!

As a summary, the offered plans are priced with a lot of features, even for your cheapest plan.

greengeeks hosting

Trend-Setting Customer support

When it comes to supporting, GreenGeeks has used the traditional three-layer system to have communication support that deals with basic problems and going up the ladder with level 2 and 3 supports that could be reached through their system tickets

We have contacted the Live Chat a few times and the attitude and responses were at a fairly high and satisfactory level, as well as the response time needed for a response that is only a few seconds.

Why choose this Company

If you are targeting a company that cares for the green environment, GreenGeeks is the right company for you as it is positioned as an environmentally friendly web host that aims not only to have satisfied customers but also to create greater awareness.

Why host your website in Europe?

Opening a datacenter in Amsterdam is just one step in GreenGeeks efforts to expand across Europe. More datacentres are expected in the future. That said, why migrate from an American server to a European server? For companies located in Europe, migration is desirable because:

  • It allows carrying out maintenance tasks according to the peak hours and the hours of inactivity in Europe.
  • It offers lower latency and faster page load times.
  • Help website owners comply with European privacy laws.


GreenGeeks has its datacenter located in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and are equipped with raised floors, climate control, fire extinguishing and water detection systems, 24/7 security, generators to avoid electrical failures and all the measures of security necessary to prevent any failure of your systems. That is why they guarantee a 99.99% uptime, which undoubtedly is very good to always keep our sites online.

Control Panel

The control panel that GreenGeeks uses is the popular panel, which is already a classic in the vast majority of hosting companies. Its management is easy and intuitive and also offers a creator of webs for novice users, which will allow you to start your web in a very short time.


GreenGeeks hosting is an EPA Green Power Partner that delivers strong eco-friendly “green” operations with no compromise with performance and quality.  GreekGeeks is leader company when it comes to green web hosting and hopefully it will continue to set an milestone for the rest of the hosting industry to get inspired. We hope this article has given you an idea of what to look for and what to consider so that you can find a host that puts your website first and creates a perfect experience for your company and your visitors.


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