{Complete Guide} – 9 Ways to Write Google SEO Friendly Content

Writing Google SEO friendly content on a website is very important to increase the traffic. In the same way, SEO plays a crucial role in content marketing by showcasing effective content to the search engine. If your website is ranking on the first three positions, then it becomes easy to get more clicks, shares, likes, and engagement. Moreover, writing an SEO friendly content is not an overnight task, it requires a lot of practice and studies to learn the techniques for becoming the best content writer in your niche. Check this post to know in detail about how to write an SEO friendly content to increase the readers.

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1) Unique Content

SEO indicates writing unique content to help search engines and users. Writing a unique content means generating awareness with unique words, sentences, and the knowledge that will give worth results. Google easily identifies duplicate content. So, writing a duplicate content will lead to a decrease in the rankings. For monitoring the content, you can use tools available online like Grammarly – spellings and grammar checker, plagiarism checker, etc. You can also hire a Digital Marketing Services that offers the best content writing service at a decent price.

Unique Content

2) Prepare Catchy Title

Selecting a catchy title will assist the users and search engines in several ways. For instance, if you are targeting your niche specific words in the title then search engines and users will start considering your website. Therefore, research the keywords that you can include in your title. It is suggested to include tips, wh – questions, etc. in the title for more clicks.

Catchy Title

3) Keyword Frequency

The title itself suggests that it is the number of times you have selected the keywords that will appear on the web page. According to the study, the more times a keyword phrase appears on the web page, the more search engines and users will consider your page. For instance, if you’re targeting keywords like “best content writing company” or “best SEO Company in India”, then decide the keyword frequency of that particular keyword in your article or page.

Keyword frequency

4) Page Linking

Linking out to high authority and specific niche sites will indicate that you value their content and vice versa. Google will also highlight your site by giving the first preference in the rankings. It also helps to get backlinks and traffic on your website.

Page Linking

5) Web hosting Improves Google SEO

I know you’ll ask how? Then the answer is very simple because a web hosting service helps to keep your website live 24*7. Even though you’re writing Google SEO friendly content, but when your website is down at the time of arrival of visitors, this will affect in a bad way to your sales. To avoid such situation prefer not only writing unique but also buying a best unlimited hosting plans from a provider like MilesWeb.

Web Hosting Google

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6) Optimize the length of the article

While writing the article, you have to consider your reader’s time as well. No doubt, Google gives first priority to long articles, but writing too long will also take away your visitors. So, you can decide the length of the article based on your topic and make sure you’re writing a minimum of 500 words or 1k words in your articles.

Optimize Article Length

7) Make content shareable

After writing the article or content, you need to promote it on social media platforms for more engagement. If you’re writing effective content then it will help your followers to know more in your niche. This will also help you to develop a good network of followers.

Share Your Content

8) Add well-structured URL

While designing the URL, make sure that the main keyword is used in the URL. So, it will appear in the searches. Try to keep the URL short and simple.

Well Structured Content

9) Include images

Adding images in the article or web page will help to communicate with the user in a better way. Avoid using images that have a large size because the loading speed of the site will get affected.

Use Images


If we are aiming to write Google SEO friendly content, then remember that you’re writing for search engines not for bots. Learn as much as you can and write the best to help users and search engine.


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