Clash Of Clans Update: New Troops Levels New Defense Levels

At last Supercell has Clash Of Clans Update for Main base After 5 months of Long hold up and this time they are back with a Tons of Updated Stuffs.

SUPERCELL is taking their best steps to solve the war coordinating issues and troops position specially like battle machine, so finally this u will expedite the joy and happiness for the clashers.

We should investigate which stuffs is Supercell announcing and what transforms they are making.

clash of clans update download

Clash Of Clans Update

Home Village 

New level breaking points and visual changes for Town Hall 11 troops and structures Like Valkyries, Golems.

Valkyries – Can now be moved up to level 6 at Town Hall 11

Redesign Cost: you require 150,000 Dark Elixir For level 6 Valkyries.

Redesign Time: 14 days

Harm every Second : 163

HP: 1200 Finally They expanded hp of Valkyries.

Preparing Cost: 220 Dark Elixir {Quite bit high }

Clash Of Clans Update

Golems – Can now be moved up to level 7

Overhaul Cost: 200,000 Dark Elixir

Overhaul Time: 14 days

Harm every Second : 62

HP: 6900 that will works great with bowlers at th 11.

Preparing Cost: 900 Dark Elixir

clash of clans update december 2017

Bomb Tower – Can now be moved up to level 6 genuine Killer for diggers ?

Upgrade Cost: 10,000,000 Gold is required

Upgrade Time: 14 days

Damage every Second : 48

Harm when wrecked: 340

HP: 1200 Same as valks

Air Sweeper – Can now be moved up to level 7 ( its as of now very great at lvl 6 however now it will be act as a bad dream against air assaults)

Redesign Cost: 9,600,000 Gold

Redesign Time: 10 days

Push Strength: 4.0 tiles

HP: 1050

Walls – 25 more sections can be moved up to level 12 { NOW IT SUCKS REALLY}


Home Village Balance:

P.E.K.K.A. level 6: +100 HP and +10 DPS is included

Clash of clans update Family Filters:

Looking for Clans turns out to be significantly less demanding with the new Clan Suggestions work. The Suggestions will organize Clans by action, for example, Clan War action, Troop gift movement, and so forth. A symbol will likewise feature proposed Clans that have a part from your companions list and furthermore it will be useful in including a need individuals like the individuals who needs war families, make gifts to groups.


At last now you can see who is on the web or disconnected in group. The Clan Chat will now show the quantity of Clan mates at present on the web.

The Friends List will now show which individuals from your Friends List are as of now on the web. The most ideal approach to send welcome to the individuals who are on the web.

The best section is you would now be able to be an onlooker to assaults your companions make through the Friends List. This will learns numerous new systems.

Clash Of Clans Update: Group improvements and changes

Presently you can do 35 versus 35 or 45 versus 45 Friendly Wars?

Observer openings for Clan Wars are expanded to 30, +10 additional spaces for review by means of your Friends List now numerous Clashers will see your war strikes.

You will get a warnings when a War Attack is occurring, even while you are in Replay Mode or at home.

Tribes would now be able to set Builder Base trophy necessities in the Clan Settings. This is good thing For Night mode Lovers.

Tribe Badge, Clan Troop drop stone, and Castle realistic refresh – The new Clan Badge fringe will change in light of your Clans level and it is likewise accessible for 10+lvl Clans.

TROOPS PATH – Donated troops will now go through the Clan Path on the guide. SO NOW the individuals who were saying in regards to the third town are presumably completely off-base.

Clash of Clans Update: Builders

Builder base friendly challenge this is the thing that everyone is sitting tight for. Now you can learn many assaults and guard techniques from your Clan mates. Practice your most loved assault methodologies and test your designs with Your Buddies.


Fights won’t complete until the point when the shot from the keep going unit arrives on the objective regardless of whether that unit is executed.

Changes on troop assault position choice is coming, we trust fight machine won’t go around any longer.


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