Clash of Clans Strategy

Clash of Clans Strategy : The story of Clash of Clans Has begin in Helsinki,Finland. Where the company that created Hayday also known as SUPERCELL was the creator of coc., if you’re thinking that Finland is not a good place for gaming company, think again. The company Nokia is Also A finnish Company So, let’s just say that the Finnish know their technology. Supercell began its journey in 2010 as a small company of 15 people those working in small teams to develop cross-platform games.( some basic small games) This was well before Clash of Clans was even comes to their mind. After all, a year in the IT and Gaming industry is equal to ten years in the normal world. ( you can understand how much effort it needs if you are gamer)

IN 2010 and 2012, Supercell had opened an office in the States and was working developing games tailor-made of mobile-platforms FOR SOME BUCKS. The company had moved away from cross-platform game by this time. The company’s first real successful game was not Clash of Clans It was Hay Day, which had great player engagement from day one. It was a mobile farming game, though and the developers at Supercell were looking for something different and wanted to bring a change .

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Their superstar game Clash of Clans started out as something like magic.. They wanted to bring the real, hardcore gamers who loved real-time strategy games to the mobile platform. And that wasn’t an easy thing to do at that time.. Hard-core gamers are notorious for scoffing at the mobile gaming industry,. Clash of Clans had to find a delicate balance between the right amount of difficulty for the seasoned gamer and also the simple gamers , easy-to-use allure for the amateur gamer. Fortunately, it did exactly that.

Clash of Clans is an MMO game like the popular World of Warcraft. It has a social aspect to it that not many mobile games have. Moreover, the plot builds up; the levels get tougher and more challenging. There is a lot of strategy involved in growing your base, training your ranks of barbarians and planning an attack.

Clash of Clans ranked the #1 top grossing game in US and earned its makers their millions. The way they made their profits was through the concepts of Freemium and Pay-to-Wait. Basically, while the download of this game was free, you needed to pay for getting certain things that’d improve your gaming experience(Like Gems).

With pay-to-wait, you had to wait for the higher level to unlock, and this could take anywhere between a few minutes to many hours, or you paid to go ahead.In a way, Clash of Clans is a revolutionary step in the mobile gaming industry. It draws the attention of more serious gamers to the mobile platform. It also gives the general, non-gaming populace, a taste of what console and PC games of that level are like.

Today Almost 5 out 8 gamers loves to play clash of clans and coc saved many of them from taking drugs , alcohol etc..

Clash of Clans Strategy

Clash of Clans Strategy for Clan Wars and Farming

There are many popular Clash of Clans strategy we can choose for farming, for Clan Wars and for pushing trophies.
Attacking is always the best way to win the game. No matter how strong is your defense, with a decent Clash of Clans strategy and by understanding both the behaviors of each troop and hidden pitfalls after every base, nothing can stop you!

Today we are proudly says ourselves as “Clashers” or “Clashians”. Stay Tuned for Latest COC update


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