7 Wonderful Tips to Choose the Business Office Paint Colors

We see and perceive our world in a myriad of colors. From our room to the road outside our home and from our dress to our food, everything has different colors. These colors and their various combinations affect our psyche. This is the reason why we think too much before deciding the business office paint colors and home interiors.

According to psychology, every color leaves a certain impact on our mood, thoughts and even productivity. Considering this, companies are shifting their interests from the boring white paint to colorful effective shades for office interiors. So, if your office is also undergoing renovation or paint then, you should have the knowledge of the right color scheme.

business office paint colors

What is Business Office Paint Colors Psychology?

Office color psychology tells about the subconscious effect of every single color on the mind of employees as well as the total environment of the work space. The colors can leave a strong impact on the emotions and behavior of the employees.

Some colors can boost productivity and invoke happiness while others can interrupt the focus and invoke stress. Now, we should understand the effect of every main color before making any final choices about the color scheme

colour combination for office walls

  1. Black: Black color is associated with power, authority, mystery and calmness. From the marketing and branding point of view, black connects with attributes like boldness, formality, strength, luxuriousness and seriousness.

Office Black

You should keep in mind that black also absorbs natural light so; you have to limit its usage. The office space would look luxurious and elegant with a little use of black in the color scheme. Mix it up with white, silver or other colors for a better combination.


  1. White: White color is a symbol of purity and cleanliness in general but, it’s over usage can make the office surroundings quite boring. Using it accurately can bring crispness into space.

white office

You should use white in kitchen areas or open spaces to provide a glossy finish. You can experiment with white color in various office areas but, by keeping it a minimum. After all, you don’t want your office to look like a serious place like a hospital.


  1. Green: Nature has a direct connection with green color. It is a symbol of tranquility, growth, health and good luck. It provides a very calm and soothing effect on the mind of employees. It makes the situations better at the office by relieving stress and frustration. You can introduce green into your office through green walls and potted plants. Using plants is a good idea but, don’t convert your office into a mini jungle.

office green


  1. Purple: Purple color represents luxury, royalty, creativity, wisdom and ambition. It hints towards the elements of mystery and magic. Due to lack of appearance in nature, purple also looks quite artificial. The lighter shade of purple can invoke romantic thoughts while darker one infuses feelings of gloom and dejection.

Office purple

Instead of going with one shade of purple, you can use a blend of various hues to elicit a better effect in your office. Companies avoid using purple in branding and logos as it catches less attention compared to the other primary colors.


  1. Blue: Blue color points towards depth and stability, and it boosts intellectual thoughts of your employees. It also infuses feelings of serenity, security and relaxation into your office. Use it in your office without any worries as researches have proven that people are more productive in blue surroundings. Being a symbol of trust and heaven, it is beneficial for the body and mind of your employees.

Office Blue

  1. Red: Red color conjures up emotions like passion, energy and action. It promoted leadership qualities, ambition and motivate people to act energetically. Overuse of red can be dominating and leads to headache. Try to use red color in furniture like sofas and chairs. You can buy colorful office accessories from office workstation manufacturers at a reasonable price.

Office Red

  1. Yellow: Yellow means happiness, optimism and creativity. Use it in the areas of teamwork such as meeting rooms to infuse a happy feeling in your employees. It also stimulates mental activity and muscle energy so; you should add it into your office color scheme without any second thoughts. Being the brightest and most noticeable color in the spectrum, it generates warmth, vitality and inspiration.

Office yellow

  1. Orange: Orange is a very cheerful color, and it generates a new encouragement among the employees. It also symbolizes happiness, determination and success. Apart from this, it is highly visible and attractive color. You can highlight the most prominent spaces or elements of your office with the help of orange color.

Office Orange

Which Combination is best for Business Office Paint Colors?

Now that you know the importance of main colors, it won’t be a difficult task to choose the right business office paint colors as per your brand’s aims, needs and message. If you are still confused about the choice then, we should also discuss some most acceptable office interior color combinations.

commercial office paint color ideas

  • Paint your reception and waiting areas with a color combination of your company logo and website. Choose corporate colors and shades of green. Avoid the usage of stark white in these areas.
  • Opt for cool shades of colors like white, blue, green and grey throughout the working areas or workstation. You can take the help of office workstation manufacturers in creating modern and colorful workstations.
  • If your office has some training spaces then, color them with a combination of blue and yellow. Blue will inspire communication and creativity while yellow will help in retaining information.
  • Choose green or blue shades for meeting rooms and board rooms. These will create a thought-provoking and harmonious environment.
  • For breakout spaces like kitchen and cafeteria, select vibrant colors like orange, yellow, red etc. How to Increase the Employees Productivity

So, selecting the right color code for your work space is an art. The correct choice will help you in creating favorable office circumstances not wholly but, to a great extent. Hence, let your office walls cheer up the entire company’s atmosphere!



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